The Future of San Francisco’s Skyline

January 19, 2016

100 Folsom Street Rendering with Heights

The first public hearing for the proposed amendment to the previously approved Redevelopment Plan for San Francisco’s Transbay District, an amendment which would raise the height limit for Transbay Block 1, a block which is currently only zoned for development up to 300 feet in height but upon which Tishman Speyer has drawn plans for a twisty 400-foot Bay Tower to rise at the corner of Folsom and Spear, will be held this afternoon.

If the amendment, which is facing some local opposition, is approved by San Francisco’s Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure this afternoon, it will then head to San Francisco’s Planning Commission. And if approved by Planning, San Francisco’s Supervisors will then vote with the dynamics of the Board having recently changed.

The proposed Block 1 Tower is but one of the project’s in San Francisco’s development pipeline which will forever change the skyline of San Francisco’s waterfront.

As the city’s northern South Beach stretch looked circa 2013:

San Francisco South Beach Waterfront circa 2014

And as it will look in the not too distant future, rendered with a 400-foot tower at 100 Folsom, the greenish fourth of which represents the extra 100 feet:

San Francisco's Future South Beach Waterfront Skyline